A pretty gallery of shops for you…

We have decided that we really need to tell you about our friend Emily. Actually, we have never met her, although we did interview her for Londonist a little while ago. But it is only a matter of time before we meet. You see Emily has a rather fun hobby. She takes pictures. Of shop fronts. We’ve picked out some that grabbed our attention, but there are thousands more on her amazing website. You have probably realised that the corner shopkeeper refers to state of mind and a manner of trading as much as anything, so you will bear with our inclusion of some emporia which are not actually on corners.

We reckon that if we play our cards right she might come and photograph our shop one day. In the meantime, her archive of London shopfronts is dead impressive. It is reassuring to know that at least one photographer is chronicling the state of London’s highstreets today. And that she is not only picking on the prettiest, tidiest, chi-chi-est shopfronts. In fact, more often than not, she seeks out the unloved, peeling and dilapidated ones, or the ones with an obvious story to tell. Emily – we love what you do. Please keep it up!
You can also see her work here.
If you have any shop photos to share, well send ’em on in.

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