Random Thought of the Week: Shop-Twinning

A random thought occurred to us as we were propping up the counter the other day. It is this.
If towns can be twinned with other towns, in other counties, countries or continents, then why can’t cornershops?
Do you not see how utterly fab this could be? Well, at least how fun it would be? Especially if fishing tackle was twinned with fish and chips, or baby clothes with soft furnishings….
Obviously it would be all kinds of ace for the shopkeeper: think of the idea of an exchange, a working holiday of sorts, in another trader’s microverse, with the chance to do a bit of sight-seeing and cultural bonding thrown in. Ideas could be mulled and tested, businesses could be given a new lease of life, and at the very least the shopkeeper would get to realise that all shops have their problems and they are far from alone.
And customers would benefit: this sort of exercise can only serve to strengthen their cornershop, and a happy, rested shopkeeper is worth two in the bush. Er. whatever.
Wonder if there is any Olympic money left: this would be a spendid initiative to bring the world’s businesses closer in London’s big year. Are you listening, Mr. Boris? Ms. Portas? We want shop-twinning!

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