Nation of Shopkeepers…the COLOURING BOOK

Pray what colour would your shop be...?

How cool is this? A colouring book…JUST OF SHOPS.
The very clever people at Garudio Studiage (garage studio – geddit?) have recreated Rye Lane in Peckham as rows of architectural drawings. No shop fascias, no window displays…just the outlines. Not only is this a fun record of the shape of a (fairly typical) UK high street, but it makes the observer truly consider the symbiosis of shop and building, and what it is that constitutes a shop. Furthermore it should bring home to those who happen to be local just how very lovely our building stock is.
But forget all the serious stuff: woop woop! it’s an almost grown-up colouring book, and offers a great excuse to play with crayons.
Selected local shops 😉 sell copies of the book, which costs £5. It would make a perfect gift for the shopkeeper in your life.
You can also buy it from Peckham Space where metre-after-metre of the original scale ‘drawings’ are on display for the public to colour/collage in: if you’re nice enough to the ladies that run the place, they might let you play with scissors and glue right there and then. The exhibition will run until the 27th August.

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