In Honour of Open House Weekend: the Cornershopkeeper’s Back Room

In honour of Open House Weekend we thought, rather magnanimously, that we should open up the cornershopkeeper’s back room for your general inspection. This, until now, has been a closely guarded secret, so we do hope that you appreciate this rare opportunity.

Things to note include the files, which make it look like real work may be done therein; the posh over-sized chair, from which Mr. Shopkeeper rules his domain; and the map on the walls which makes us look more erudite. The corner beyond the ironing board is very good for hiding in (all shopkeepers have to hide sometimes).

Things to overlook include the general mess, the ridiculous carpet, the overly full ironing basket, and the fluffy bunny. It should be stated that the shop back room follows the same strange, natural laws as a lady’s handbag, in as much as whatever room you allocate it, it will still overflow.

Things out of the picture include a telly, a box full of things which everyone denies knowing anything about, and a fascinating collection of aprons.

Things we wish were in the picture include a jacuzzi, a yoga mat, a window looking on to something green, and some fascinating art prints which denote our exquisite taste. Ho hum.

Thank you for visiting. Please sign the guestbook if you have enjoyed the tour.

And if you are a fellow shopkeeper, well, we’ve shown you ours…now show us yours.

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