Announcing a Competition!

Your child can do better, right?

So Mr. and Mrs. Shopkeeper’s Shop is going to be ten! Blimey. And words to that effect. This calls for a special celebration. Jelly and ice cream and the like. And we thought we’d run a competition as well. An art competition, uniquely for the under 12s. There’ll be a book voucher for the best, and a colouring set for the runner-up. Most importantly, all of the entries will be featured in a magnificent on-line gallery. Oh, and hung in the windows of the shop.

Rules? Yeah, we’d better have ourselves some of those. Well, the theme is (not entirely surprisingly) cornershops. Any small shop or cornershop will do. You can paint or sketch or smudge or collage it, just so long as it is on a piece of paper (sorry – we don’t actually have any room for installation art…and the idea of a 12 year old presenting us with such is, frankly, disturbing). Just make sure that the name and age of the child is on the back, together with your name and contact details. Although our actual birthday is on the 16th December, we’ll let this run until the 31st December 2011, as it will give ’em something to do in the school hols. The results will be announced on the 6th January. We’re quite excited about this, so please spread the word…

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