Cornershop Customers: a Random Gallery

Call us daft, but we decided it would be quite fun to chronicle a couple of hours in the life of an average cornershop in 2011. We also did it in honour of this particular cornershop’s 10th birthday: an online time capsule, if you will.
It started with the idea of capturing on camera what customers actually wear to ‘pop down the shops’, but we decided that could get quite personal/backfire on us. Fashion photographers we are not. So this is purely and simply a collection of pictures.
The first nine were taken on the afternoon of Saturday October 1st, which was unseasonally warm. The second eight were taken today (New Year’s Eve), which was predictably drear. We have lost our record of the names of some of the first ‘batch’ of photographees (we’re disorganised like that), and so if you recognise them, do let us know their first names.
It is surprisingly hard randomly to ask if you can take a picture of someone: we are quite proud of ourselves for overcoming our shyness. And we also have great respect for real photographers who do this kind of thing regularly.
Oh – and Happy New Year from Mr. & Mrs. Shopkeeper.

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