Back in 5 Mins: Cornershopkeeper Lunches #2

The second in our series of lunch-on-the-hoof suggestions for busy busy shopkeepers. The cornershop is a micro-verse where food is always eaten tepid (as in chilled-that’s-gotten-warm, or hot-that’s gotten-cool) and around lunchtime the shopkeeper becomes paranoid that he still has Marmite/tomato sauce on his chin as he inevitably has to consume his midday snack in several bite-size sittings.

This ‘recipe’ is one of Mr. Shopkeeper’s favourite lunches, although it was originally a visiting Middle Eastern lorry driver who gave us the idea. We have managed to assemble it in 3 minutes before now…

Tuna Chelow
(for enough to feed Mr. and Mrs. S.)
You will need:

  • 1 can (preferably Persian, but most definitely posh) tuna
  • 2 cups cooked rice (use leftovers and add one thrift point)
  • 1 can baked beans in tomato sauce (Greek gigantes are best, but any of 57 varieties will do)
  • quartered raw onion and fresh herbs essential; chillies and raw garlic authentic-but-optional*

Flake the tuna and mix it in with the rice. Heat through thoroughly in a microwave or saucepan. Warm the beans and stir these through as well. Sprinkle with black pepper, garnish with fresh herbs, and eat with the onion (using the wedges as a spoon is quite fun). Grated cheese on top is another optional extra.
*Ah yes. The garlic conundrum. We know many shopkeepers who are terrified of deterring their customers by breathing garlic all over them, and there are indeed certain up-market stores which have policies on this. We say ‘piffle’ (chiefly because it is such a lovely and underused word). Firstly, a shopkeeper shouldn’t really have any business getting up that close and personal with his punters, and secondly, a fondness for garlic surely demonstrates a certain joie-de-vivre which is kind of nice in an indie store keeper. Of course if the shop in question is a food shop, then smelling of garlic is almost mandatory…

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