Footfall: A Gallery of Customers’ Feet

OK – so this is our silliest gallery yet. Feet. Oddly, it was also the hardest gallery to assemble. Taking pictures of customers or their bags just seems pleasantly daft. Feet are somehow more, well, personal. In fact we were very careful when selecting our tags for this post, if you see what we mean. Anyway, some people refused. And of others (mostly those wearing scary stilettos – stilettos are scary, no?) we were shy.
And yet this is perhaps our most important bit of social and sartorial documentation. Shoes say a lot about society (and in this case quite a lot about the weather too). They tell us about fashion, and wealth, and to a certain degree ethics. It shows, for the most part, that people wear sensible shoes when they shop. It is also important at a micro-level, as it should embarass Mr. Shopkeeper into replacing the shockinginly crumbled tiles on the shop floor.
Sorry there aren’t any really beautiful shoes (in truth the prettiest ones to come into the shop during the time we were doing this were on the feet of five year old girls, and we are far too politically correct/scared to ask to take pictures of kiddy feet).
No prizes, but see if you can spot the feet of a) a well-known local fashionista, and b) Mrs. Shopkeeper….

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