Music to Stack Shelves to #3: Wig Wam Bam. Yes, Really.

OK so we’re really dusting off the musical archives at Shopkeeper Towers for this one. Sweet: remember them? Thing is, the Seventies was crap for lots of reasons, but Glam Pop offered us such great rhythms. And when you’re shelf-stacking, it’s no good listening to any of that syncopated jazz (too all over the place), rap (too fast) or trance (leaves one inclined to forget what one’s doing). You need a steady, tum-ti-tum rhythm.

Then there’s the hair! And the shoes! And the flares! This is music with a sense of humour – which can also be in short-supply when one is shelf-stacking.

Fun fact: Mrs. Shopkeeper once saw Sweet at Gatwick Airport. But Grandpa Shopkeeper didn’t like the look of ‘their long hair’ and so she wasn’t able to run up, squeal and get their autographs. #stillsulking

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