The Cornershop: A Child’s Eye View

Going to the shops when you’re a grown-up can be fun – if you’re buying shoes or books or cheese. But for the most part grocery shopping is pretty tedious. We suspect that children approach the experience in a similar light – but for entirely different reasons.
We were curious to see exactly how small people view one (our) corner shop. They often spot things that are wrong long before Mr. Shopkeeper cottons on. And their simple logic about ways to display stuff is sometimes breathtaking. They definitely have something to offer. For the most part this particular corner shop is pretty child friendly: there’s a wee chair and a shopping trolley and a slightly bonkers shopkeeper. But are we deluding ourselves in believing that we have created a haven for our smaller visitors? We thought we’d ask them. And the best way to do this was to get a couple of them – Freddie, aged 6, and Noah, aged 3, to draw pictures of their cornershop experience.
What does it tell us? That Mrs. Shopkeeper is really really scary for one. And that yellow is a good colour for a shop. OK – other than that it doesn’t really tell us much (although it has reminded us what fun felt tips can be…). But the whole exercise made us SMILE. And this is good. So we’d like some more junior shopkeeper pictures please. Any cornershop will do. How do your children see the whole shopping thing? Share their pictures and we’ll build them into a pretty gallery. You can post them in our Flickr group or send them to Go on – it’ll be fun. And you might even learn something…

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