Music to Stack Shelves To #4: Funky Town. Uh huh.

As shiny inane pop goes, this 1979 offering from Lipps Inc is about as good as it gets. Perfect, brainless tippety tappety stuff to enable you to get those shelves filled in no time. And the boxes broken up for recycling. And the kettle on. And draw a crowd of intrigued passers by staring through the shop window.

Of course, the outfit is all important, and for this to work you totally need to dress up in strange lycra pink outfits. And boots. If it’s any help the movement should be:

Arms down, body down, grasp, lift, stack. Back left, back right, arm shimmy, hip shimmy, forward left, forward right. Arms up, jazz hands, up, arms down, body down… DC al fin

NB: This also works quite well for dusting.

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