Purse-Picacity: A Gallery of Customers’ Hands and Wallets

OK – so this is one of our dafter galleries. BUT nothing so perfectly encapsulates the minutiae of a shopkeeper’s day. For what does a shopkeeper see most of…? (And no – we don’t see that much money.) Hands. Hands as people gesticulate, proffer, grasp, fold, wave. Of course we make eye-contact too, but the whole transaction comes down to an exchange of goods for money, via hands and facilitated by wallets.

We notice hands: well manicured, nail-bitten, paint-splattered, elegant, chunky. And we never cease to be amazed be the variety of wallets: battered ones, purses with stories, ones with photo inserts, small ones, huge ones, suspiciously neat ones…

The photos were taken between 1pm and 4pm over a two day period: no, we didn’t photograph everyone that came in because some customers just don’t look like they’d get it to be honest.

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