Back in 5 Mins: Cornershopkeeper Lunches #6

Puree Burger
The sign is on the door, the key is in the lock, and you’ve got just five minutes to make yourself a relatively tasty, semi-healthy lunch before the punters start hammering to get in, tutting and looking at their watches. What do you make? In this series we share Mr. and Mrs. Shopkeeper’s favourite five minute recipes…
Egg Paste Sandwiches (Hint – they’re better than they sound)
Ah, now, you won’t have had this before. Mrs. Shopkeeper caught her sister-in-law making this as a snack for herself one day, and decided it looked revolting. And then she tried some…
splodge of oil
1 tablespoon tomato paste
1 egg
pinch of chilli flakes (optional)
pinch of basil (optional)
1 fat wholemeal bap (unlike the one pictured above)
Pour a dribble of oil into a wee frying pan and dollop in the tomato paste. Fry and stir and stir and fry for around 30 seconds, and then crack in the egg, beating it so it kind of looks scrambled. Add any optional flavouring (it won’t need salt as most tom paste is far too salty anyway) and take off the heat. Slice your bap, and fill with the eggy gloop. This is best eaten straight away, but bizarrely actually works cold as well – good for those days when you can’t actually justify keeping the customers out any longer….

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