Cornershop Gallery #9: Joke!

Go on. Admit it. Wouldn’t you just love this shop to be on your corner? Festival of fun? Giggles galore? Near Miracles? That’s our kind of corner shop – notwithstanding the fact that all cornershops possess at least a teensy bit of magic anyway. Maybe it’s just us, but shops which are on a hill as well as on a corner deserve extra respect – one naturally assumes the shopkeepers have one leg shorter than the other…
Photo by littleweed1950 via our all-singing, all dancing Flickr stream.


Cornershop Gallery #8: Mannequin

Now this is a real shopkeeper’s shop. Selling shop fittings, and racks, and price guns, and shelving, and nasty day-glow posters. Whilst the rest of the world dreams of mobile phone shops, or shoe shops, or boutiques, shopkeepers dream of secret grottos like this. Well they do not – let’s be quite clear about this – actually dream of naked mannequins, even ‘really cheap’ ones. But the idea of finding the perfect unit for displaying this or that, or a high tech way of down-marking prices, or a super-compact counter-top dispenser… these little nuggets of excitement get us through the day.
Image by Andy Worthington via the Cornershopkeeping Flickr pool.

Cornershop Gallery #7: New York Steak

Mr. & Mrs. Shopkeeper are off on a reccie. Well, that’s what they’re calling it. Whatever it is, it comprises a very short break to New York. Mrs. S. is purportedly going purely to research American cornershop culture. Mr. S. is going uniquely to check out the steak. And the burgers. And the hotdogs. Our choice of photo this week encapsulates all of that pretty well really.

Image with thanks to From kevin_in_bc : Happy St Georges Day. You got corner-shaped photos to share? Add them to our Flickr pool.

Cornershop Gallery #5: Glen Country Store

Yup, OK, so Thanksgiving was over a week ago – but we thought we’d post this as our celebration thereof. Heck, it’s never to late to give thanks.
Americans really know how to do cornershops: just look at this store. It’s got a verandah and everything, and it’s been trading more or less constantly since 1840. Wonderful stuff. The image was taken by chocolatepoint; if you click through you’ll see that she also tells us a little of the building’s history.
Got some corner-shaped images of your own? Why not share them in our Cornershopkeeping Flickr pool?

Cornershop Gallery #4: Closed

As the cold snap sets in, we post this as a timely, sad reminder of what happens to corner shops if you don’t love them enough. Yup, the lights go out, and the boards go up. This moody shot was taken by Comrade Foot all the way over in Denmark.
Who knows? If you see something dramatic and corner-shaped and share it in our Flickr pool, we might be posting your shot up here next.

Corner Shop Gallery #2: An Istanbul Street

We’ve posted this lovely bright image by mwanasimba* just to remind ourselves of how jolly corner shops can look in the sunshine.
We’re also celebrating the launch of our very own Flickr Cornershopkeeping Pool (what a very grown up thing to have created, no?). We are hoping this will encourage you to snap your local corner and indie shops, traders, funny signs and odd purchases and share them with us. It’s very easy to join, and we don’t really have any rules. This way we can post a lot more jolly shop pictures up here for you to enjoy.

*sourced under the Flickr Creative Commons Licence for Commercial Use.