Music to Stack Shelves to #6: Played A-live

More music to lessen the pain of Thursdays. Because as every shopkeeper knows, Thursday is delivery day. Put-lots-of-stuff-away-day. Frankly we could have chosen anything by the Safri Duo: it’s all full of joie de vivre, and the strong bongo beat guarantees those boxes will be empty in no time. The only hitch with this is that Mrs. Shopkeeper keeps stopping her work to play very bad air drum. Ho hum.


Music to Stack Shelves To #5: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Got to feel sorry for shops that aren’t allowed to crank up the volume when they’ve got a lot on. Or those that have to listen to lift music on endless loop. Anyway, this track by Daft Punk is pretty much in our top twenty for that funky retail work out that is otherwise known as stacking the shelves. Enjoy…

Music to Stack Shelves To #4: Funky Town. Uh huh.

As shiny inane pop goes, this 1979 offering from Lipps Inc is about as good as it gets. Perfect, brainless tippety tappety stuff to enable you to get those shelves filled in no time. And the boxes broken up for recycling. And the kettle on. And draw a crowd of intrigued passers by staring through the shop window.

Of course, the outfit is all important, and for this to work you totally need to dress up in strange lycra pink outfits. And boots. If it’s any help the movement should be:

Arms down, body down, grasp, lift, stack. Back left, back right, arm shimmy, hip shimmy, forward left, forward right. Arms up, jazz hands, up, arms down, body down… DC al fin

NB: This also works quite well for dusting.

Music to Stack Shelves to #3: Wig Wam Bam. Yes, Really.

OK so we’re really dusting off the musical archives at Shopkeeper Towers for this one. Sweet: remember them? Thing is, the Seventies was crap for lots of reasons, but Glam Pop offered us such great rhythms. And when you’re shelf-stacking, it’s no good listening to any of that syncopated jazz (too all over the place), rap (too fast) or trance (leaves one inclined to forget what one’s doing). You need a steady, tum-ti-tum rhythm.

Then there’s the hair! And the shoes! And the flares! This is music with a sense of humour – which can also be in short-supply when one is shelf-stacking.

Fun fact: Mrs. Shopkeeper once saw Sweet at Gatwick Airport. But Grandpa Shopkeeper didn’t like the look of ‘their long hair’ and so she wasn’t able to run up, squeal and get their autographs. #stillsulking

Music to Stack Shelves to #1: ‘Drinksology’*

Shelf stacking. Let’s face it – those of us whose lives are governed by the principles of chaos just don’t get the idea of making symmetrical piles or shapes of anything. Even those of us with brilliant mathematical minds *smiles proudly at Mr. Shopkeeper* or a degree in architecture can find it tedious.

Furthermore it can be pretty physical. Thursday is BIG DELIVERY DAY in most shops (on account of its proximity to the weekend), and one can work up quite a good ‘glow’ therein. It’s the cheapest aerobics class going, actually. Jolly dancey music is essential. Really, we need all the help we can get.

Cue this new and intermittent series. We’ve got a few choons up our sleeves but we’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below..

*Yeah – we know it seems to be advertising something, but it is just so silly we couldn’t resist.