The Customer Lounge

Come on in. Pull up a chair. The kettle’s in the corner, and there may be some Hobnobs in the biscuit tin.
Perhaps you are wondering why we have asked you in here….?
Well, a couple of days ago on Twitter something very interesting happened. (Which is unusual in itself as nothing much happens on Twitter. Ever. If it did, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be called Twitter, but rather Orator, or something with more gravitas. But we digress.) Mrs. Shopkeeper got some really helpful feedback. On this occasion it was on the very trivial issue* of how to give a customer change. What? You’d like us to detail the matter for you? Alright then. Mrs. S. tends to give customers their receipt and paper money first, and plonk the change on top to weigh it down. But one of her customers pointed out that this is probably the least convenient for the customer, as they need to be able to grip the small change and usually store coins and notes in separate places.
Anyway, this sort of observation is priceless. Shopkeepers rarely get feedback on the way they do their trade. On prices and the quality of their merchandise, yes, but not on the actual business of running a shop.
So we’ve opened this little room for you to come and tell us what’s what. In a nice way, of course. Constructive observations only. What is it that shopkeeper’s get wrong? What annoys you about your corner shop? How can we make things better?
Please tell us – otherwise this little room is going to gather dust and look all empty. We will reply to all your comments, and hopefully spread the word to other corners….
*OK, we know, this whole blog is trivial. But isn’t that part of its appeal? Er, it does have appeal, right? Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading it. Oh. OK. You were bored. Hm.

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